The Ultimate Shot Fish Games in The Shot Fish 918kiss

There are a lot of people that really want to play the shot fish games but simply don’t know where, and in this article, we shall introduce you to the shot fish 918kiss, and on how to join the platform it self.

The platform is fairly solid and licensed, meaning that the platform is qualified and can be used with ease and comfort since the quality of the platform itself has been assured by the company. You can start registering yourself with ease when you really want to play the shot fish games.

Among many other gambling games you can find on the internet, the shot fish games are one of the most unique and fun to play. Unlike any other gambling games which are usually using the conventional means such as cards, dices and so on, the shot fish 918kiss is very different as this is the arcade games which has a very different way of playing.

The amount of money you can get from the game is also huge, making so many people are willing to play the games inside the platform.

How To Play Shot Fish Effectively

Before we start talking about the tips on how to play the games effectively, we need to understand the basics of the games itself. The game will have you accumulate the highest score, as the one who can do that will win the game.

You need to kill the fishes in order to get the score when playing the shot fish 918kiss, and it means that if you want to get the highest score, then you need to make sure that you kill the most fishes. There are typically three types of fishes, which are the small, medium and large ones.

Each of the types will have different amounts of hp, and naturally the bigger the fishes, the larger the hp would be, and the harder for them to be killed. Each one person in the game will have their own bullet, but the bullet is limited so that they need to make every shot count in the shot fish 918kiss game.

It is very recommended to kill the largest fish to get the most score, but you also need to keep in mind about the amount of bullet you have, and also the timing of shooting you need to do.

The Basic Tips For The Shot Fish 918kiss Game

If you are a beginner in the game, then you don’t have to worry as there are so many beginners anyway in the game. You need to think carefully when you are about to shoot a fish, since the fish can move so fast, and your target can get stolen from you.

This happens when you shot the fish slowly, and your opponent has better timing and can shoot faster than you, and therefore the score goes to him. Don’t let your opponent kill your steal as it will make the bullet wasted and you gain no score at all in shot fish 918kiss.

It would be best for you to make sure that you are sure that when you are aiming for a certain fish, you can kill them almost instantly. This will require an excellent timing and the consecutive shot you need to land to certain fishes, so that you can start gaining some score.

It is also very recommended for you to aim to the bonus target, such as crab, shell and so on. The more bonus you have, the bigger your score would be and the higher your chance to win.

Joining The Shot Fish 918kiss

Now that you are interested in the game, then you can start joining the game in the platform. But you need to do several registration steps that are required for every person to do before they can join the shot fish 918kiss.

First of all, you need to access their site and look for the registration page. Inside the page, you will find the form and you need to fill out the form using the email address and the bank account. Both of them are very easy to get, and hence everyone in Thailand will have access to the game.

After you have filled the form, then the next step would be to verify your account. It is very easy to verify the account, as you just need to access the email address and search the mail sent by the shot fish 918kiss.

After that, open the mail and click the link inside the mail, and it will bring you to the main page of the site. Now you can access the site using the email and the password you have created earlier while you are filling the form. Make sure that you don’t forget both of them.

Deposit Your Account and Get Some Bonuses

No matter how different the game is, you need to understand that the shot fish 918kiss games is still the gambling games, and hence, it will need to virtual money if you want to place your bet. The only way to insert the virtual money is through the process called deposit, and fortunately, it is very easy to do one.

All you have to do is just transferring the money to the bank that has been appointed by the platform, and then your account will be automatically filed with money afterward. It is very easy and simple to do deposit, and the minimum amount of money you need to insert is also very small, which is usually just 100 baht per deposit.

But it is very recommended to put your money as much as you can when doing a deposit as you can get a much larger bonus and you can use the bonus to place your bet.

Getting The Deposit Bonus from Shot Fish 918kiss

Getting the deposit bonus is very easy, since you just need to deposit your money, and then you will get about 50 to 100 percent bonus money. The more money you have, the more bonus you will get in the shot fish 918kiss platform.